"The rarest of all commodities in this world is love." -- South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford to Maria, June 10, 2008

"The rarest of all commodities in the world … is independence" -South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford to The American Conservative, March 9, 2009

Jun 23

Your Favorite Go-To Spot For All Things Myanmar Is Back

Megan relauched Crappy Hour even thought it is kind of a hassle simply because it is less depressing than writing a fucking linkdump every morning and I was like, oh sure, I will lend my free labor as long it never gets more than four thousand pageviews and fucks with the “NEITHER BANAL *OR* FORMULIAC ENOUGH AND LEARN TO PUNCUTATE YOUR RUN ON SENTENCES MOE KTHANKSBAI” element of the commenter population who are your bosses when you work for Nick Denton and yeah so mission accomplished.

oh also: I can’t load it except on Safari so if you really care try a different browser, or actually just get off the internet and enjoy nature like Mark Sanford.

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